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Any business, from a small factory to a large mine, can make use of generators to maintain safety and remain operational through power outages, loadshedding and other challenges that affect the reliability of the electricity grid.

Some industrial companies require backup generators because of government regulations or industry best practices, but any business that can benefit from fewer interruptions can be positively impacted by a solid power backup plan with generators at the core of that plan.

A power outage or sustained loadshedding practices can severely impact your productivity or disrupt critical operations, leading to substantial financial losses while potentially endangering people’s lives.

Fortunately, for heavy consumers of electricity in industrial applications such as mines, manufacturers, refineries, factories and others, the generator experts at Elegen have a solution that ticks all of the boxes – diesel generator hire.

Generator Hire Options

We manufacture generators in a range sizes and power outputs, from 5kVA to a 20MVA /20 000kVA, ensuring that we keep a large number of generators in stock at all times. We provide generators for hire up to 220kVA, with trailer and light-in tower options available. Our minimum hire period is one week, and there is no maximum hire period related to our generator rentals.

Our diesel generator hire solution has become increasingly popular at a time when power provision is volatile and unstable, prompting industrial firms to produce a sustainable backup plan for their power needs.

Many of our clients include mines, refineries, factories, industrial installations and other commercial entities that inevitably use large quantities of energy to operate productively and safely. They have trusted our generator hire offering as a key to their continued successes in multiple industries that have massive economic benefits for the South African economy.

You Should Hire A Generator

If you find yourself in a similar position to our clients, and you want the peace of mind that will ensure calm and confidence rather than sleepless nights worrying about what you can do to mitigate the damage power problems will do to your business and livelihood, you need to hire a generator and explore our comprehensive service offering.

At Elegen, we are proud to play a supportive role in providing reliable and affordable backup power solutions that cater to the specific requirements of our industrial clients.

When you need to make a plan for your power backup requirements, make the informed decision and hire an Elegen Generator to ensure continuous power supply while securing the success and survival of your business.


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