ELEGEN™ is one of Africa's leading OEM Cummins Generator Manufacturers and suppliers of generators. We have a range of generators in stock at all times. We manufacture custom generators in conjuction with Cummins Diesel Engines & Parts ranging from 5kVA to 20MVA. We also have a range of generators available for hire up to 220kVA with trailer and light-in tower options.

We have a large number of Cummins Generators in stock at all times, and we can deliver the generators you need quickly and efficiently by our first-rate installation team. The ELEGEN™ team of expert technicians can offer advice and guidance on any of our Cummins generators for sale or hire. ELEGEN™ is an authorized OEM for Cummins Diesel Engines & Cummins Parts. Enquire Online for any of our Cummins Genset Solutions.

Cummins 28kVA X2.5 G2 Genset

Cummins 35kVA X3.3 G1 Genset

Cummins 44kVA S3.8 G4 Genset

Cummins 55 kVA S3.8 G6 Genset

Cummins 66kVA S3.8 G7 CoolPac Genset

Cummins 110kVA 6BTA5.9-G5 Genset

Cummins 150kVA 6BTAA5.9-G6 Genset

Cummins 170kVA 6BTAA5.9-G7 Genset

Cummins 220kVA QSB7-G5 Genset

Cummins 330kVA 6LTAA9.5-G1 Genset

Cummins 550kVA QSX15-G8 Genset

Cummins 700kVA VTA28-G5 Genset

Cummins 900kVA QSK23-G3 Genset

Cummins 1000kVA KTA38-G5 Genset

Cummins 1250kVA KTA50-G3 Genset

Cummins 1400kVA KTA50-G8 Genset

Cummins 2000kVA QSK60-G4 Genset

Cummins 2750kVA QSK78-G9* (TIER1) Genset


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